Gallagher Associates Ltd.

International Medical Billing Services

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24 hour operation to cover all time zones and cultures. Visible cost structure.

Our International billing management systems integrate proven best practises with an evidence based approach to help effectively convert your International patients to International payments

  • Average file conversion time frame of a proven 60 days
  • Electronic generation and printing of all patient and facility documentation via secure FTP and VPN links – in house
  • Worldwide indemnification
  • Regular reporting to encompass projected revenue
  • On site Compliance Officer
  • Fees only levied on successful recoveries
  • Provision if required to train admission personnel
  • Skip tracing – fully inclusive
  • Excellent placement geographically for all time zones
  • Consistent out-performance of rivals in service quality, operational efficiency and ultimately returns

Information we require for the most effective billing procedure:

  • Original UB04 and Itemised Bill
  • All internal computer / billing notes
  • Any admission and discharge details (to include any insurance policies or passport details)
  • Any other relevant information that may be of help

With multiple languages in house as well as a myriad of industry experience, we can very often re-open cases where previous efforts have been unsuccessful.

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